Here I have included some of my projects in several different areas. For my academic projects in Physics, including a list of publications, please refer to the Academic page which can be accessed through the side bar on the left.


CometZ is a simple side scrolling space shooter whose objective is to destroy enemies ships while avoiding that our ship's shield is reduced to 0. It features several kinds of enemy ships and health power ups to replenish shield. It has its own webpage on SourceForge. Its documentation, generated using Doxygen, can be accessed here.

Other programming projects

Some other of my programming projects can be found on GitHub. I only recently started putting my code there, so it's still a bit empty.

Mike Mk I

Mike Mk I is a differential wheeled collision avoiding robot, with three wheels, based on the Arduino Uno R3.Code and schematics are available on GitHub . You can watch a video of Mike on Youtube.

Other electronics projects and other

Some of my projects related to electronics and some other areas can be found on my blog . In the future I plan to put online some of my projects based on the Atmel AVR microchips.